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Your daily dose of Terry O`Quinn

TOQ Daily is a communitywhere Terry fans can share photos and fanart and get their daily fix.
(Thanks to henryian_daily
for giving me the idea)

Here are just a few rules to keep in mind


  • Every post must include a photo. There is  no need for any introduction posts. There will be plenty of opportunities to get to know each other in the comments sections. If you have info about Terry, please post a picture
    along with it, just to make it legal.

  • We welcome most all photos, whether they be in-character, out-of-character, event photos, scans, candids, publicity shots, screencaps etc. Anything you like. However, please try to avoid paparazzi photos.

  • Icon posts are more than welcome. However, please post no more than 4 teasers and include
    the others behind a cut or have a link to your site.

  • We welcome posts of
    video interviews and film/television clips. However, please, no fan
    videos. I know there are quite a few out there that are awesome, but a
    lot are not. So please, if you would like to share a fan vid that you
    made, you may post a photo of Terry (to make it legal) and link to your

  • Fan art is always
    welcome. We always look forward to seeing any of your work.

  • Feel free to post as
    many photos as you like, but use an LJ-cut if you’ve post
    more than one at a time.

  • If your photo is
    larger than 500 pixels across, please use an lj-cut. We do not want to
    mess up anyone's flist, not to mention people that are on dail up!

  • When posting, it is
    wise to use your best judgment. If a lack of clothing could be
    considered offensive, place the picture behind a cut. We more than
    welcome shirtless!

  • Please, do not
    hotlink. Save pictures to your hard-drive, and then upload them to your
    own host. Photobucket is an excellent host and it's free!

  • And lastly:

  • We will tolerate absolutely NO flaming. This will result in being banned.

Thanks for your cooperation and have fun!